Noticed the Moto G7 Power (blue) has went down in price. Even though it’s a year old, it seems like a good price for anyone looking for a basic phone especially for its long battery life.

4G LTE (bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17, 28, 66)

Amazon product: Motorola Moto G7 Power (32GB, 3GB RAM) 6.2″ HD+ Display, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked XT1955-2 – Canada & Global 4G LTE International Model (Marine Blue, 32GB)
Customer Reviews:
*** IMPORTANT: the dual-sim International version of the G7 Power is the one you want. comes in a limited Violet colour, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, a Fast Charger — and a case! | purchased this as a gift for my mom. she doesn’t need the fastest processor, a quad-HD screen, or a camera that can compete in low-light. but — and this is a HUGE BUT — what she does need is a a very responsive device that handles all primary tasks of a smartphone with ease. this is it! | • 12MP rear camera cranks out photos that certainly pleasing out of the box, including portrait mode, and will definitely do the trick for the vast majority of people in most situations. notably, Moto recently released a software update for the camera (days after i received the phone). | • front facing 8MP camera is terrific with DUO. related to this: speakerphone is loud and clear. so a great set-up for video calling. | • the battery lasts (at least) THREE DAYS with general usage: Wifi, LTE, photos, browsing, youtube. who knows how long the standby is on this thing. there is NOTHING on the market that can best this beast of a battery. perfect for aging parents who need to stay connected in the (digital) world, but who don’t want to be charging the phone nightly. | • besides Moto Actions (any/all of which can be disabled), it’s bloat free and close to stock Android. Lenovo/Moto have definitely tweaked the hardware and software to run smoothly together. | • fingerprint reader is 100% mom-proof and fail-safe! unlocks every time for her, super-fast. | • with a glass front and back, the build quality is much, much better than the price would have you believe. the trade-off is that it’s “only” Gorilla Glass 3 (instead of GG6), but as i mentioned, the phone comes with a case in case of any drops.