[Amazon.ca] Moscow Plus Ebike 768 Wh 48V/16AH – $1699

//[Amazon.ca] Moscow Plus Ebike 768 Wh 48V/16AH – $1699

[Amazon.ca] Moscow Plus Ebike 768 Wh 48V/16AH – $1699

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Seems like a good deal for this ebike. Powerful motor and a big battery. It doesn’t really have any accessories, but with the savings, you can buy them from your LBS.

I think technically the motor is too powerful for Ontario (and other provinces), but as long as you don’t ride full throttle down a busy street, you should be OK. As always, follow provincial and municipal laws for cycling. Don’t give drivers more reasons to hate cyclists!

Amazon product: Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike 768 Wh 48V/16AH
Customer Reviews:
This is my first E bike. The first time is very very fun. Quality seems very good packaging was very nice minor assembly required very easy. All required tools were included. My battery came fully charged so I was able to play with it right away which was nice. The real test will be in a couple weeks or couple months and see how I feel about it then. | I am on 176 cm tall and the plus is a bit too big for me. It doesn’t bother me my previous bike was also too tall for me still able to use it and I really don’t mind at all but that’s something other users might want to take into consideration.


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