Great price for a film I really enjoyed. Esp with basically 3 copies (bluray, dvd, digital).

I thought the $10.99 price for Rogue Nation was good, but personally prefer this film a bit more…hard to beat the Halo Jump and Cruise flying an actual helicopter!

Lowest price according to CCC
sidenote: anyone know what the redemption in Canada is for — iTunes, Google, etc?

Amazon product: Mission: Impossible – Fallout [Blu-ray]
Customer Reviews:
MI: Fallout” definitely has the feel of the previous ones, action suspense intrigue and of course betrayal. | all of this sums up one thing, Tom Cruise’s signature adrenaline moves that he so perfected over the years. | as Ethan Hunt in the MI: series. whether it be jumping out a plane or the facial change thing they do. | all those things put together can’t help you not liking these series at all. unless you don’t like the guy. | entertaining is an understatement for this one, I mean it has lots of that to the point of like no return: you know that movie. | but I have to say the best thing, was the script it was down right bloody good. | and I see they give him a little running start like his old movie “the Firm” all these little snippets you see. | this three Disc set consist of two Blu-ray’s one DVD. ton of extras. | Mission: Impossible. is impossible? | Widescreen 2.40:1 | Runtime 147 Min. | English 7.1 Dolby Atmos. an French 5.1.