I think we’ve got a live one here guys, I’ve been watching for this one to go on sale for a while now but this is the lowest ever price! Reg price is $850, Bestbuy has it on sale for $599 currently so this could even be a price error.

This is the version with motorized head, not just hard floor tool.

Normally Bestbuy and Amazon have identical pricing in this and Amazon’s stated MSRP price on this is only $599 which is incorrect ($850) so I do believe this is an error and won’t last long. Other versions are still full price too.

Edit: Costco price also matches Bestbuy, even more proof of error!

Amazon product: Miele 41GDE039CDN Complete C3 Excellence Lotus White
Customer Reviews:
Très bel appareil. On sent la solidité. Très bonne puissance d’aspiration. Poignée ergonomique. Je l’ai acheté aussi pour la brosse rotative qui fonctionne bien pour la moquette à grandeur de mon sous-sol.