*ESPRESSO BELLACREMA WHOLE BEAN COFFEE: A delicately selected blend of South and Central America beans, unified in the centuries-old European tradition, and roasted to perfection
*WHOLE BEAN COFFEE: One 907 g bag of dark roast, whole bean coffee with 100% premium coffee beans from the world’s best coffee producing regions
*100% PREMIUM ARABICA BEANS: Blended with 100% high grown Arabica coffee beans from the world’s best coffee producing regions, this coffee is whole bean to release the best coffee flavour

Amazon product: MELITTA Dark Roast Espresso BellaCrema Whole Bean Coffee, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, Premium Coffee, Kosher Certified, 907 g
Customer Reviews:
I ordered a 2 lb bag of these beans for my Saeco superautomatic, as my usual preferred “bulk” beans such as Ethical Bean or Level Ground were out of stock or delayed. I usually buy medium dark or medium beans so that my Saeco runs cleaner and produces drier pucks. These will produce wetter pucks and you will need to clean your brew group more–like any other (visibly shiny / oily) dark roast bean. | These are very shiny / oily as expected, but flavor wise I was pleasantly surprised…and others who have tried some did not consider them “bitter” (whereas I would describe such as bean as “smoky”). So these are dark, but not over-roasted for those who are sensitive to that. | I ordered these based on a positive review in here by a former bean roaster (I am not that hard core, but mainly dislike under-roasted / sour AKA “fruity” beans) and I can concur that these are surprisingly good if you are looking for a dark roast (not medium dark, or french roast) type bean. | Price and availability are great, and I did notice after purchasing that the price was actually lower than local grocery stores. The bag I received had an expiry date of Aug 2020.