February 28, 2021


MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh 300W Bluetti AC50

This is the lowest wh per dollar I have ever seen, coming in at $0.69 per wh. The orange unit is a little bit more money as it starts at $459 making it 359 after coupon.

The dc receptacles on this unit are not regulated. Meaning at around 80% charge this will not run most 12v appliances and at 50% almost all devices will shut off.

If you plan on running only AC gear you can not get a better dollar per wh than this at the moment. This also has a mppt so it will charge off of solar panels extremely efficiently something the jackery units lack.

Review of this unit

Amazon product: MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh 300W Bluetti AC50 Solar Generator MPPT Sine-Wave Wireless Charging Emergency LED Lighting w/ 2AC Outlet 120V,PD 45W USB-C,DC12V Lithium Battery Backup for Outdoor RV Van Travel Camping
Customer Reviews:
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. | Been looking around for best power station and finally found one. I am a nature lover and can’t wait for summer as this product will be very useful power source on any occasion. Product is durable, sleek and elegant design, battery charge indicator available on lcd display. Been using the charging port and it supply continuous power supply that can be use as your main charging station, it has 4 usb charging port, one usb c port, AC output port which really supplies power on 110v appliances like fan, hair dryer, stereo etc,. rubber feet that makes the product secure and will not slip on smooth surfaces. Light weight and easy to carry by using the two handles on top of the station. Back up light available. It can be charge my using solar panel, cigarette lighter or directly on any electrical outlet. Have charge this item overnight the day I received and used it in different gadgets and appliances and I am just about 60% battery life. Charging time will take 5-6 hours. Perfect for all occasion, indoor or outdoor, Highly recommended product!