16$ off


Just received an email from 3xcamel.
Lowest was 22,99$ in 2018 so 1$ more.
It’s a good quality/professional foam cannon and well reviewed either.

Amazon product: MATCC Snow Foam Cannon Adjustable Pressure Washer Foam Wash Gun 1L Bottle Car Wash Gun Snow Foam Lance with 1/4″ Quick Connector
Customer Reviews:
I’ve been detailing vehicles for about 18 years and have seen these things in action but never gave it a second look. I decided to try it out and yes, I’ve been missing out on a lot! This is a time saver and really helps to foam away dirt and debris. The product is well made and for me there was a very small learning curve to it. Most of the parts are brass and all the connections are tight with no leaks. The included bottle works well and does not have measuring lines. It’s not an issue for me as I have measuring cups that I use for dilution. You can make your own lines simply by filling up a measuring cup and then dumping the contents into the bottle. Mark off the lines with a sharpie and now you have reference points. | The foam cannon applies the soap well so you don’t need to have a wash bucket filled with soap. This will dispense more soap than a wash mitt and bucket will. You still need to use a wash mitt and a rinse bucket at a minimum. I noticed that even after saturating the vehicle and letting the foam work, there was still dirt on the surface after rinsing so I covered it again in foam. Second time round, I used a wash mitt and rinsed it in the bucket regularly. On the second vehicle I did, I only foamed once and then used the mitt to wash (rinsing the mitt regularly). It worked well and did not see any swirls or scratches. | Below are some steps I’ve take so hopefully these will help someone out. | Here’s what I did for mixing the soap (This mixture was enough to do a small sedan and a midsized SUV): | 1. Measure out 2oz of your favorite wash soap | 2. Fill bottle 3/4 full with warm water | 3. Play around with the spray pattern and amount of foam dispensed. The spray pattern adjustment is the nozzle facing the vehicle. Turn it until you have the spray pattern you want. The top knob is for how much soap/foam it will dispense. It’s a bit backwards but going towards the negative side gives you more soap/foam. Going the positive side, it’s more watered down. You’ll need to play around with it to see what will work for your pressure washer. I have an electric pressure washer and it did not like the thicker foam setting, it liked more of the middle ground. | Basic process for washing: | 1. Rinse off vehicle with pressure washer (use your wash nozzle) | 2. Saturate entire vehicle with foam (attach foam cannon) | 3. Wait a few minutes for the soap and foam to “lift” away dirt and debris (clean your wheels with a brush if need be or you can begin to use your wash mitt and omit having to coat with foam again, entirely up to you) | 4. Rinse off with pressure washer (you’ll have to reattach your wash nozzle) | 5. Saturate entire vehicle again with foam | 6. From the top down, use a wash mitt and wash like you would with a two bucket system | 7. Rinse your wash mitt off regularly (do it with each pass is best) in the bucket to get rid of any debris to prevent scratches | 8. Rinse off vehicle with pressure washer | 9. Dry