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Hey guys, I’m not sure if this has been posted as there’s so many mouse threads, I just checked but didn’t see this specific deal. I was looking at this trackball for a while, it will be a nice upgrade from my M570. It’s been that price a few times over the past 12 months (last in February based on CCC?).

The M570 is also back at $39.99.

EDIT: Seems that’s there’s an ERGO Plus model for the same price on Best Buy and Logitech. I’m not sure why they’re the same price and how they’re different based on photos, but someone said the tilt pad is larger.

Thanks @Sojoph :
Just a quick note that Best Buy also carries the MX Ergo Plus alongside Logitech, and it’s also $99.99 there.

When the “Plus” initially released, Best Buy secured it as an exclusive amongst other retail chains to sell it.

Even though they don’t add “Plus” to the product description (I don’t know why they don’t), it’s the model that they sell, and it’s shown as the Model Number on the page.

Model number 910-005177 is the standard MX Ergo mouse (which is what Amazon sells).

Model number 910-005178 is the MX Ergo Plus (which is what Best Buy sells).

You can verify the Model/Part Number from Logitech’s site, too.

For the Logitech site, you have to click on buying the standard MX Ergo, and then select from a drop-down menu the MX Ergo Plus.
anonymous2 wrote: I have this, but I got it direct from Logitech. On their site you can order the MX Ergo PLUS version which includes a larger tilt pad. Making it sit more vertical, this is how use it and I find it much more comfortable than the way the regular Ergo sits

Amazon product: Logitech® MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball for Windows PC and Mac (910-005177)
Customer Reviews:
Bought this to replace the previous MX Master non-2S version rodent. Love this one even more. A little softer feeling in the hand, and seems to glide a bit more easily. Things to note: | CON: if you connect w Bluetooth instead of the unifying adapter you will probably lose the ability to wake your computer from sleep, due to the fact most machines turn off Bluetooth to conserve power when in a rest state. | BIG PRO: This is huge. A good percentage of white males will, at some point after 50 develop a condition called Dupuytren’s contracture. Essentially this is a deformation of the tendon in the hand which causes the ring, pinky and sometimes the thumb to curl inward. It is curable with surgery, but between getting DC and the knife, if the DC is on your primary hand using a mouse can become next to impossible because most rodents have an elliptical and balanced shape which makes it impossible to properly rest your hand on the mouse. For those with DC who are rightys this mouse is perfect as the shape and slant lets you comfortably rest your hand on the desk taking the bulge caused by DC out of the equation. Really a terrific extra benefit. I’d have this mouse regardless, because it is the most comfortable, but this is a true plus to us afflicted with DC.