I saw this was on sale on Cx3, I think its been cheaper in the past, I think I might have paid $45 for it when I was building my wife’s RGB build, so price is only warm.
While RGB is definitely not for everyone, this and the GPU cable Lian Li sells compliment most RGB builds.

Amazon product: Lian Li Strimer RGB PSU Cable
Customer Reviews:
Just installed it and it is FANTASTIC | I purchased it through AMAZON Canada. | I did notice that it would not work with my RGB headers on the motherboard. | So I just used the controller that came with it and the controller cord has an extra | connector for the Strimer RGB GPU power cable. | WHICH is already on it’s way as well as a LL140 fan and another hub to replace the non lit fan in the back. | I don’t like LED strips. To me I find them a tacky throw back to the late 80’s or 90’s | Top fans push air in | Back fan push air in | Inside 2 rad fans push air through rad and out | Front 2 rad fans pull air out | Overclocked I7-8700K | Running at 5.001 ghz full load 4k bench mark cpu temp never goes past 76C | GTX 1070 TI never goes past 72C | Very clean unobstructed build with very few unintended cables showing. | I love it.