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August 28, 2020


I recently got into gardening due to covid. The weather is starting to drop as fall is coming so I was looking for some indoor grow lamps as I’m bringing my plants indoors. Came across these grow lamps which are on sale for $24.64 (43% off) with good reviews, searched the reviews on fakespot and it came back with A (good) so I grabbed a few. Enjoy!

Amazon product: LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant, 45W Sunlike Full Spectrum Plant Light, Dual Head Gooseneck Grow Lamp with Replaceable and 360° rotatable Bulb, Timer Function, Professional for Seedling Growing Blooming Fruiting
Customer Reviews:
This is the second grow-lamp I have purchased from this vendor in less than a month. (Psst, that’s a clue.) I have a small collection of Phalaenopsis & Brassvole Orchids, and they require more light than my location provides. The Phalaenopsis plants are on a coffee table, while the Brassvoles were recently mounted in a 20-year-old weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) | Both lamps utilize strong padded clamps – this model’s is chrome – which provides wide versatility in mounting. I have both lamps clamped to a coffee table (see photos). The LED arrays on both units are atop strong, flexible necks. The necks made it easy to arrange the lights exactly where I wanted them, and they appear to be built to last for years. | The two-lamp unit appears to cover a wider spectrum, and, at its brightest setting, appears to be considerably brighter than the three-headed unit. Here are the specs for both: | B07HHQF9JJ (3 LED arrays) 450nm to 660nm | B07QYV9K7Z (2 Replacable LED arrays) 380nm to 780nm | Unlike the 3-head lamp, which employs fixed bulbs, the 2-head unit’s LED arrays are replaceable – a bonus, although both units enjoy an expected lifespan of well over eleven years (at 12 hours a day). | The controls are easy to understand. The lights include a timing function that includes 3-, 6- and 12-hour cycles. Once the timing is set, the lamps turn on and off automatically at the desired times. The only improvement I can see would be the addition of an EPROM so the unit would retain its timing settings in the event of a power failure, although it seems a minor issue when compared overall. | One final comment: I experienced some confusion about the instructions included with the 3-head unit – and received quick, helpful responses that cleared away my cobwebs. The customer support provided is absolutely first class.