Entry level Lavazza coffee. Lightyears ahead of any of the generic brands in big box stores in terms of taste IMHO. Usually it is around $4-$5 per 250g. now it is $2.99 with subscription it is $2.54 or so.

here is another variety for a different taste: … ast_sto_dp

Amazon product: Lavazza Espresso Rossa Brick Coffee, 250g
Customer Reviews:
My wife got us an espresso machine for our anniversary, and we bought a number of different brands and types of espresso to see what we liked. I like stronger, unique flavours, and every espresso we had just tasted like all the others. This was the one we both agreed was the best. It wasn’t too strong, it lenses well to cream and sugar if you go for that (I drink mine black). The crema is delicious, and even my super-sweet coffee drinking mother in law thinks I’ve put cream and sugar in her espresso when I give it to her. | Doesn’t leave you jacked, smooth and easy to drink. I’m still trying other espressos when I get the chance, but it will be tough to supplant this as my daily morning cup.