It’s on sale right now on Amazon for $750 PLUS there’s an additional 250$ coupon.

It’s on sale right now in Costco and it’s $750. … 80833.html
Don’t know if this is an error or what…buy first ask questions later!

[Edit 1: 10AM PST] Looks like whatever they have in stock is now sold, but still allow to buy at this price, just 1-2 month wait according to Amazon.

[Edit 2: 10:15AM PST] Deal gone

Amazon product: Miele 41KCE037CDN Blizzard Cx1 Cat & Dog Autumn Red
Customer Reviews:
Did a side by side test with the comparable Dyson pet canister style. Miele has better carpet cleaning as it can accommodate various density of carpet with its powered carpet brush. It pulled 1 full bucket of debris out after using the Dyson extensively. The Dyson is not powered and doesn’t do well without the agitation. The Dyson doesn’t clean carpet well unless the tool sits completely flat and creates a good vacuum seal. It’s best used on short pile or bare floor. | The plastic housing is far better than the Dyson as well. The Miele motor has convenient dial for the suction power setting. This will ramp down the motor and electronically reduce the suction vs breaking vacum seal with an akward release valve on the Dyson. | The 4 free moving wheels make it super easy to navigate. | The hardwood tool is an upgraded model that can swivel to a vertical position to make the work flow move more efficiently. | Will have to wait to see how it holds up in the long run as this bagless model with the 2 debris compartments is a new design.