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Great quality Spanish Saffron with lots of positive reviews.
Originally, $34.95 for 5gms but included in prime day deal for $19.95 plus $7 S&S coupon.
Brings it down to $12.95.

Amazon product: La Mancha Prime All RED Premium Coup Spanish Saffron (5 Grams (0.18 oz))
Customer Reviews:
The province of La Mancha in Spain is historically known for their deep red Saffron. For paella enthusiasts, settling for less than a good quality Saffron doesn’t do justice to the colour and taste rooted in a delicious Valencian dish. This brand is very popular with travellers in Spain, and it isn’t uncommon to find tourists stocking these up to bring back home. I am very excited and grateful that this has finally made it to Canada! Thank you, and please keep this available on Amazon!