[Amazon.ca] Kobo Clara HD $111.98

//[Amazon.ca] Kobo Clara HD $111.98

[Amazon.ca] Kobo Clara HD $111.98

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I was looking for a deal on the Kobo Clara HD and stumbled across it on sale. It’s the same price at Walmart too! I’m not sure if I should wait until Black Friday or buy it now.

Amazon product: Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink Touchscreen E-Reader
Customer Reviews:
Great 6 inch screen ereader. good controls very similar to my old KOBO GLO. BUT just a heads up for library book keeners like me… the advertised Overdrive linked capability is strictly limited to ONE library login although you can change it, by logging out and in again as a different user with a different library; however, what happens IMMEDIATELY is that your books borrowed from the 1st library revert to “preview on KOBO” which means you can’t read them without going through the process again. And that takes me to the second point: you can only “borrow” the library book if it is a) available from KOBO and b) has the EXACT IDENTICAL EDITION AND PUBLISHED ISBN, otherwise the Overdrive phantom will not recognize it and you won’t get it. There is a workaround through Libby which you will need as a MAC user anyways because of the 64bit limitation now on IOS” The workaround is clunky and awkward, and in the help forums cited as available for Kobo Aura One, in case you try to find it (KA1 is the code name ;-)). I tried this workaround and I ended up with ONE library book from each of TWO libraries I am subscribed to; in each account I had borrowed 3 books on loan. SO. I am going to reinstall ADE which I detest. I detest it only because between recent MAC iOS updates, ADE updaters and KOBO updates I kiboshed my last and second KOBO GLO which I adored but which ceased to function as an ADE recognized device. Let’s hope I get a few years out of this one b4 planned obsolescence kills it again. Other than that, a good product and a good price


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