Found this on Amazon in case if anyone is in need for a USB flash drive. 32gb for $6.99 is a decent deal, whereas a 16gb is going for $20.44. … 475SE23FV8

Amazon product: Kingston Digital 32GB 100 G3 USB 3.0 DataTraveler
Customer Reviews:
The actual usable capacity of the drive is 14.4GB. | So far this drive has preformed well. In benchmarks it meets and exceeds the advertised speeds. | Material quality seams fine, it’s plastic, so just don’t bash it around and you should be fine. | I bought this drive with the intention of using it as a Windows 10 installer. After loading up Win 10, all my drivers, and all my programs I’m still left with 9.22GB’s free. So as a Win 10 boot/install drive it works just fine. I don’t plan on using this drive for much more than that, so I expect it to last. | It comes with a 5 year warranty, which is nice. Although if you ever did have to RMA the drive, it would probably cost you more in shipping than it would to just buy a new one. | Finally let me point out that the 32GB version is only a dollar more than the 16GB. I missed that somehow when placing my order, so I thought I’d mention it. | NOTE: USB 3.0 is not a speed standard, it’s an interface specification. I’ve seen some people confuse this in reviews and comments. If you want to know the speed of a drive you have to look for the read/write speeds under specifications, as reported by the manufacturer.