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JBL Professional Studio Monitor, Black (JBL104) WAS $ 125.37 NOW $ 95.11


Amazon product: JBL Professional Studio Monitor, Black (JBL104)
Customer Reviews:
Excellent detail performance at all frequency. | con: the signal in earphone socket have an interference sound, not a problem for me. | It is better than 260$ Bose shelfspeaker in detail, cause I have both. I value fidelity of sound and this JBL 104 is probably the best one for any speaker below 200$ . BOSE having too heavy BASS, BASS that gloss over other detail sound and make newborn think monster’s coming. | When amazon first deliver it to me, one of the speaker lack a rubber seat, and they exchanged me another one. make sure you have both rubber seat if you buy. you don’t want speaker to co-buzz with the desk.