I have been looking for the instant pot for a while and saw the largest 8 qrt on sale. Almost the lowest ever as per Camel.

Amazon product: Instant Pot Ultra 8 Quart 10-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker 8 Quart, Silver
Customer Reviews:
I have 2 Ultra pots, I think that’s enough said! I bought my first instant pot when Ultra was just released, so went with the newest model. And I was very skeptical, and thought I could always return it. After using it twice, I was hooked. I cook congee, rice, broth, soup, stews, eggs with it regularly. It was so useful, I had to get another around Christmas. And I have an additional inner pot and two lids. It takes a bit to get use to as I do agree the manual requires some updates to make the instructions more clear but you can really set the temperature, time to anything of your liking. For instance, I found my eggs taste best with just 2 min at egg setting with low pressure and no warming. Then I quick release it as soon as the pot beeps, and I drop the eggs in ice water. All in all, I get perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs in less than 10 min (washing my eggs, placing in pot, and let the pot warm up, and cooking). The pot actually takes most time in warming up and natural releasing the pressure. The cooking is super fast. Note that there’s a difference between natural and quick release though, and it’s pure preference. It is definitely worth buying the ultra instant pot. Life changer!