February 20, 2021


Good quality instant read thermometer is back on sale. Lightning deal plus $5 coupon takes it down to $23.05. Normally sells for $33-$35.

Rechargeable, waterproof, magnetic. I have this model and a ‘cheapo’. Use this all the time — the cheapo sits in the drawer. So this is a decent usable thermometer at a good price.

Amazon product: Inkbird Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer Waterproof Cooking Candy Thermometer with Rechargeable Calibration Magnet Backlight,IHT-1P Ultra Fast Thermometer with Folding Probe for Grill Deep Fry BBQ Milk both Indoor& Outdoor
Customer Reviews:
First of all, the look of this thing is amazing, very sturdy and pleasant to hold. | The thermometer by itself if very precise with a margine of 0.1 degres that change as soon as it touches the food. You get the right temperature right away! No need to wait 10-20 seconds. | I did not knew but its rechargeable and comes with a usb cable to charge it. | Its so easy to use, just unfold the probe and the thermometer automatically opens and is ready to work! The screen is backlit so you can use it in the dark for those long barbecuing partys. | When its over just wash it with a soapy cloth, dry it and fold it back and it closes automatically. | Very good value for the money, WAY better that what I was using, and comes in a very nice box with velvet lining so you can store it safely after using. | If the battery lifetime is as good as the other inkbird products I use I highly recommend this product for anyone from a home chef to a barbecue enthusiast like myself.