[Amazon.ca] HUAWEI Watch GT 2 2019 236.81 $

//[Amazon.ca] HUAWEI Watch GT 2 2019 236.81 $

[Amazon.ca] HUAWEI Watch GT 2 2019 236.81 $



Sold by Wireless Experts, Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Amazon product: HUAWEI Watch GT 2 2019 Bluetooth SmartWatch, Longer Lasting 2 Weeks Battery Life, Waterproof, Compatible with iPhone and Android, 46mm No Warranty International Version (Matte Black)
Customer Reviews:
I am stunned!!! I’ve tried many watches, THIS IS THE MOST TECH FOR YOUR MONEY, AMEN! WOW! | The battery, like everyone says, is some sort of witchcraft! | Two things – how the heck does it last so long even with a blinding 1,000 nits screen?!? And two – supposedly it has a gigantic 455mAh battery – HOW? HOW did they fit that in this TINY watch? | Every aspect of this watch is super polished, thought out and wisely put together. | The preloaded watchfaces are the most diverse I’ve ever seen! And yes, you can with some work-around have access to the entire Huawei and 3rd party store for thousands of watch faces. I didn’t bother yet because I’m still enjoying the very premium included ones. | This watch will go along with any strap style or color it seems. The watch faces allow for that too. I think I’ve since purchase of this amazing device, spent almost as much on various, awesome watchbands, especially poce the Archer ones. They are superb, like the red fabric one in my pix. | Just last night, no sooner, I scrolled all the way down to the list of different supported exercise and workout types like running, walking, cycling… THEN, for the first time in say two weeks since I got it, I noticed the “ADD” button. I clicked it, and…. A HUNDRED MORE supported activities popped up for me to add to the main list – WOW! Now there’s dancing, kayaking, martial arts, roller skating (finally!), and I even found all 4 of 4 of my gym equipment/machines I own like stair climber, cycle, free weights – STUNNED! | Listen to this lol, yesterday I listened to high volume 3 HOURS of Jordan Peterson podcasts, and, believe me or not, but you will if you bought or will buy this watch lol, the wireless stereo streaming od the podcasts ate up less than 8% of battery! HOW!? I never owned an mp3 player that could do this! | I go for a hr and half rollerblading session around the town, have the GPS on the whole time and the watch again, didn’t even lose 10% of battery! A half hr walk or jog with GPS fitness tracking with it can take less than 3%!!!! HOWWWW??? LOL! | HUAWEI Figured out something truly incredible, and they should rightfully be rated as world’s top smartwatch maker. | You CANNOT GET this level of performance even from a superbrand like a $1,000 Germin smartwatch! It cannot touch it! Haha wow. | Best tech purchase decision for me since the HTC in 2015! | Huawei, Bravo! Respects! And Thank You! :)))


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