September 15, 2020


*Lightning Deal* Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer

I recently bought this printer at $820+Tax from a different seller in Amazon. However this priced at $707.19 + No Tax is a really hot deal i believe.


Here is my recent review…

So far it has been nearly 2 months running nonstop and its an amazing printer with superior quality prints. Was really happy how out of the box it could print great without much work fiddling with the leveling, profiles etc.

Assembly – It was so simple and took less than 20 minutes. There is only 6 Screws to complete the assembly, 2 of which are spool holder

– Huge print bed
– Amazing print quality
– Easy assembly
– Super Easy Bed Leveling
– Super Strong Bed Adhesion
– Overall Amazing printer worth the price paid

Disadvantages (Mostly free to print/fix yourself)
– Super Strong Bed Adhesion, Too strong that its almost impossible to get the prints off
– On my first ABS print the fan duct fell off as it was a PLA printed part from factory and it melted within few minutes
– Spool holder to the filament run-out sensor, there is tension in pulling filament to the extruder and starts to grind filament on entering the sensor
– Fans are a bit noisy

Suggested improvements to my fellow 3D Printing Enthusiasts with this printer
– Bed Adhesion – Heat the bed up to 60c for PLA and 80c for ABS and then try to remove the prints off (Ideally would have loved a Flexi Steel bed – I have to upgrade at some point)
– Make your first ABS print to be a replacement Fan Duct – Some on Thingiverse with improvements you can print (I printed and replaced the broken duct)
– Print a Filament Guide and or Roller to avoid issues – Some on Thingiverse you can print
– Do not use skirt adhesion option for this printer and also would suggest to avoid Brim or Raft for smaller prints
– Do not use a nozzle wipe line or purge line unless you really need it.
– Quieter Fans are not going to be free, but at some point i would love to upgrade to Noctua fans.

Wish list to Creality – Nice to have had these from factory
– STL file of the factory printed fan duct, so we could print in ABS
– An importable Cura or other slicer profiles to make printing experience easy (or at-least a recommended settings listing)
– A Much Better step by step instruction manual for those who pick this as their first 3D Printer
– More intuitive and user friendly touch screen menu would have been nice.

Overall really amazing Pro quality printer and i love it so far. Its definitely worth the money and as an upgrade or even as your first 3D printer

Amazon product: Creality CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer with BL Touch and Silent Mother Board Meanwell Power Supply, Bondtech Extruder Gears, Build Size 300mmx300mmx400mm
Customer Reviews:
This unit was recommended to me as a beginner and a printer that does not need to be upgraded with all kinds of modifications. | Since it has arrived it has not stopped printing. | Be wary of other prices of this printer. It is valued between $750-$850. I have seen other sellers trying to RIP people off by charging up to $2000.00 for this printer. Since the printer has been solid for me, I have not had to deal with support so I cannot comment on the sellers customer service. The printer arrived on time and complete. It was a breeze to assemble.