Different Varieties of KIND Bars (12 Pack) are on sale – sold by, lowest prices seen on Amazon ever and good deal especially for us non-Costco folks. I’ve been waiting a long time for these prices and ordered about 10-12 boxes in total, of the different varieties, myself. Definitely a hot deal that I predict won’t last long.

$8.33 – Caramel Almond Sea Salt – … =UTF8&th=1 (Already back-ordered…)

$12.00 – Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – … =UTF8&th=1

$11.98 – Almond Mocha – … =UTF8&th=1

$11.98 – Almond Mint – … =UTF8&th=1

$11.98 – Fruit & Nut – … r=8-3&th=1

Amazon product: KIND Bars, Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, 40 Grams, 12 Count
Customer Reviews:
KIND Fruit & Nut, Almond & Coconut Gluten Free Bars are quite satisfying bars made with almonds and pieces of toasted coconut bound together with honey. It is sweet as well as chewy and crunchy. These are quite different than normal granola bars which are loaded with lots of sugar and sodium. I was reading a health article which suggested avoiding granola bars especially for kids. And, I see why? Some of them have lots of unhealthy ingredients and it’s quite processed. I was looking for something which is less in sugar and salt and made out of whole ingredients and less processed. KIND bars fits that criteria very well. I like the fact that sweetness comes from honey and there are no other processed sugars. I have also tried few more varieties of KIND bars and now I buy in bulk boxes (12 bars/box) which is more cheaper. They are delicious and satisfying plant based bars and I keep it in my office. Kids take one each to the school. This gives me power for mid-morning munchies and vanquish the 3 PM growlies without compromise or anytime when the hunger strikes. Each bar contains plant-based protein plus 4 grams fiber (16% of daily value). I like the fact that they are Vegan, gluten-free, plant based, made from whole foods and Non-GMO. They are very expensive and comparable to other brands such as VEGA.