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September 23, 2020


Came across a weighted blanket on sale when I was browsing for one for this upcoming fall/winter. Queen size 15LB weighted blanket usually goes for $80+ retail so this is quite a deal. My main reason for getting a weighted blanket is because my sheets tend to fall off the bed and this will do the trick. I have also listed the additional benefits of weighted blankets below for FYI

13 Benefits of a Weighted Blanket
Reduces Stress
Helps the Elderly
Reduces Anxiety
Helps Balance Brain Chemistry
Helps Manage OCD
Eases Restless Legs Syndrome
Improves Overall Sleep Quality
Sharpens Focus for ADHD
Helps with Symptoms of PTSD
Promotes Calmness with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Decreases Anxiety in Pets
May Help Alleviate Pain Associated with Fibromyalgia
Eases Symptoms of Depression

Amazon product: Homitt Weighted Blanket, Bed Blanket 15lb for Adult (60” *85”, Queen Size), Weighted Blanket Queen Size for Summer & Winter, Premium Glass Beads, Removable Cover Included
Customer Reviews:
This gravity helped me to have a good sleep. At first I felt this gravity was a bit heavy, but I got used to it after sleeping for a week, and the heavy quilt covered the body didn’t feel hot, which had good heat dissipation and heat preservation effect. With a quilt cover. Double-sided different fabrics can be exchanged in summer and winter. I like this gravity quilt. I like deep sleep. Waking up can have a good spirit to welcome every day of work.