Many different versions are on sale, best to go for subscribe and save. You can even add the same filter in 5 seperate orders to get the extra discount.
These usually go for ~$16 at Canadian Tire. … SFb0QK0EKV … SFbJAEGP88 … SFb78014CJ

Best to use Amazon’s vehicle filter to find the right one for your needs.

Amazon product: FRAM XG6607 ULTRA Spin-On Oil Filter
Customer Reviews:
In all of my 52 yrs, this is without a doubt the best oil filter I’ve ever come across, And I’m a major fuss -pot when it comes to my vehicles, ( the best or nothing) it does a great job cleaning the oil, my mechanic was shocked when he drained the oil, he asked me if I just changed the oil, when I said “ about 6 months ago and nearly 8 thousand Ks, he looked at me like I was lying, but when he checked the mileage, he said that he’s going to start ordering these filters for his shop. ( Great Job FRAM.)