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The Q5 is fantastically well reviewed, but its small. This is much bigger, but also louder.

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Amazon product: FLSUN QQ-S 90% Pre-Assembled Delta 3D Printer Lattice galss Platform Large Printing Size φ255X360mm, Auto Leveling,Touch Screen,WiFi Remote Control,Filament 1.75 mm PLA
Customer Reviews:
Really pleased with this unit for the price point. Wiring arranged nicely, no substantial design flaw in routing of any components, solid strain relief, connectors at good places for easy disassembly… my mind was pleased by the orderliness of the product design. Board appears to be a Makerbase MKS Robin 2.0 Mini which has open source firmware available out the gate, very nice, 32 bit. UI seems more responsive than other printers in my fleet, quite happy with the layout and quality. Love the magnetic auto level sensor unit, feels very nice in the hand with a great sense of quality on that magnetic click. Also worked first go no problems no fuss, so all in all I’m happy to give this the old 5 stars for a product I would recommend. | I would like to see an easier access to the 115/220V selector rather than removing the bottom plate, but really not a substantive issue. Black would be a better choice for the 3d printed parts on this machine (strain relief/cable guide in bright red, I’m looking at you) Also questioned the use of hot glue on the stepper motor support mount things but you know, the machine works great for the price point and considering how well it all went together and functions, I’m very pleased. | Nice work FLSUN team!