About this item
[Full body workout]: the only rower with additional exercises on the market
[Smart cloud fitness]: the only BLUETOOTH rower on the market
[Extra wide handlebar/14 level tension ]: 21.5” Extra wide grip foam handlebar provides comfortable grips
[Additional exercises]: patent pending front stabilizer foot pads allows for additional exercises such as curls
[Large console/seat]: large 3.5” LCD displays distance, time, total count, calories burned, stokes/min and scan

Previous was $400.

Another version FITNESS REALITY Dual Transmission Fan is $404.70. <– SOLD OUT

Amazon product: Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with Extended Optional Full Body Exercises and Free App
Customer Reviews:
I haven’t seen a ton of reviews from a person like myself, so thought I’d put it up here for anyone that might benefit from some information. | Early review, I’ll update again later on for long term durability. I’ve been working out lifting weights pretty consistently for 10ish years. I hate traditional cardio and never do it. I lift a pretty average amount, bench 225, dead 305, squat 275, row 185. Like I said, average all around. I got this to get myself doing some HIIT cardio I enjoy and for the girlfriend to have some non-weight lifting alternatives for exercise at home. If we get some solid use out of this thing, I’ll probably upgrade to a Concept 2 down the road, but this seems to be a great rower to start. | Some common issues people have had, I have not. As of writing, this rower has not shifted around on me on concrete flooring. I haven’t absolutely hammered on the thing but don’t see the need. I also don’t have an issue with resistance. I’m typically on the top couple settings but it is just fine for cardio purposes. Would it be great as your only piece of workout equipment to substitute for regular lifting? Probably not. Assembly was incredibly simple, one person should be able to handle it for most. | The app is interesting enough, it does what I’d expect and not much more. Tracks your progress and workouts, and has a few neat recorded videos to row along with that are a decent change of pace for me, and might be a necessity to someone new to working out to get correct pace and form. | Build quality seems decent. The button on the console feels like it is going to break any second but so far so good. I use the app anyways. | Hope this helps someone make a decision on this that is shopping for a rower for the same reasons as me and has found this well reviewed rower with some common complaints, and aren’t sure if it they will apply to them.