I have been keeping my eyes on Fitbit Sense… have not read all the reviews but I wanted this for extra features (currently using Fitbit Charge 2).

Launch price was $429.99 and I think it’s Black Friday sale at $359.99 for both black or white version. I’d say warm deal.
Sportchek also $258.98 … =333364232

Amazon product: Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature Trends, Carbon/Graphite, One Size (S & L Bands Included)
Customer Reviews:
I love this watch. It’s so convenient with Alexa built right in and tips for handling stress. As for seeing the clock face, choose always on. Don’t have to worry about rotating your wrist to see it. I think it is really cool and I love the lunar white/gold colour. I think it’s an awesome watch don’t know why there are bad reviews on it. | Update: I’ve had this watch for awhile now and it has kept me from having bad emotional storms that I used to get every few days or so. Sometimes they were so bad I would have to miss work. It tells me if I’m getting a little stressed before I even realize it and I’m able to nip things in the bud with the Fitbit apps mindfulness meditations. It has been super helpful. Highly recommend! | Update: I have had the watch for I guess since September and it has been wonderful it makes fitness fun and meaningful. I bought a Versa 3 for my husband and he loves it. It’s very accurate with sleep tracking, the mobile app is also super helpful in motivating m to reach my goals.