Excellent set of exercise bands, lowest price ever. Been using this brand since 2017. Set of four of varying resistance. have used for Pull up assistance, bench press and squat resistance, general stretching and rehab. Have yet to break one.

Amazon product: 5BILLION Resistance Bands & Pull Up Assist Band – Strength Bands & Mobility Bands for Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Exercise, Fitness
Customer Reviews:
I’ve had a gym membership continuously for the last 17 years. I’m planning a long term travel and one of my biggest concern was not being able to train. | I got these resistance bands (4 bands package) to be able to work out on while traveling. | Today is my first day with them and I loved. I did a gym comparable back / triceps workout and it’s more challenging them you’d expect. There are an infinite amount of videos on youtube to guide you through. | **About the product** | I had used only the bands with handles before, I was skeptical about its durability. Most youtube guys recommends the flat bands, so, I decided to give a try. | THEY ARE TOUGH, the black one is almost a car tire, I don’t see it breaking as fast as the handle ones. | **The 5Billion bands** show an amazing quality, Zero smell and description is accurate. I’ll update this review in a near future after using them for longer. | If your are gym rat get the whole pack, otherwise the green and yellow will add some resistance to your workouts. | Only problem so far, your hands might hurt from stretch. I’ll try to get gloves and see if it helps.