[Amazon.ca] Eufy 2k non pan wifi cam 49.99

//[Amazon.ca] Eufy 2k non pan wifi cam 49.99

[Amazon.ca] Eufy 2k non pan wifi cam 49.99



Fixed non pan version has a coupon now. Was deciding on getting another pan but saw this. I’m liking the pan version and might grab this fixed for a 3d printer and for the basement. Space doesn’t warrant a pan and will take the savings for this fixed version. The app works for me based on my experience with the pan.

Amazon product: eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam, Home Security Indoor Camera, Human and Pet AI, Works with Voice Assistants, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, MicroSD Card Required, HomeBase Not Required
Customer Reviews:
This review is for the Eufy 2K indoor cam used with iOS app. I have this camera mounted in a sheltered location outdoors at my front door (accepting that this may void any warranty) . The camera comes compactly and attractively packaged. Include instructions are limited to set up and mounting but a link in the app provides help on the interface and settings. Take care mounting the attachment plate because the stand movement is somewhat limited. The app is very good and well designed and can be portrait or landscape. 2K resolution is excellent both live and playback. I used a Kingston 128GB class 10 flash card which is formatted by the camera for encryption. My first 24hrs of recording in 2K has used about 7GB so expect over two weeks of storage. If the camera is shared with another party it must be done by invitation and the sharee must set up their own user name/password. If a user name is used on an iOS device which is not already using that user name a nag will pop up each time the app is opened by the original user. Fingerprint id can be used for logon. Detection settings are any combination of person, pet or motion. Recognition is done onboard the camera so notifications are fast and can include a thumbnail. The detection zone is set using six points therefore can be any shape. Multiple detection zones are permitted. | The camera is Apple HomeKit compatible but with HomeKit there are advantages and disadvantages. First the cons; only supports 1080P to stream in Home or native app, onboard AI, sound detection and pet command are disabled, Home app will not access SD card. Home will not record to iCloud 24/7 only clips triggered by motion are recorded. Custom detection area is not possible. For one camera a 200GB iCloud subscription is required, for up to the maximum of 5 cameras a 2TB subscription so $3.99 or $12.99 per month plus tax. Now the pros; Apple post processing AI may be better depending on needs. The replay timeline of clips triggered by motion show icons for person and pet detection. In iOS 14 (now in beta) known persons can be individually identified by name i.e. facial recognition with custom labels. SD card becomes unnecessary and all video is encrypted by your personal Apple device. Picture in picture keeps view on top of open apps. | Google integration is working but only streams for about five minutes to smart display.


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