Amazon typically has some pretty decent sales on whole bean coffee on rotation for about $10 a pound (Kicking Horse) but I noticed that if you get a six-pack of Medium Roast Ethical Bean, it comes out to be around $6.33 a pound. Not a bad deal if you like the brand/roast and go through a lot of coffee.

Amazon product: Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Classic Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast , 340g (Pack of 6)
Customer Reviews:
Really nice, true to it’s description medium-dark roast. Love Ethical Bean coffee in general, and this is my favourite coffee from them. Company is fair-trade and organic, so you don’t feel so guilty about your first-world problems when pouring this out. Like how nice your coffee is. Which, by the way, is nice, smooth, and rich in flavour. | Beans are always shiny and fragrant. No burned beans or dry stale beans in the bag. Grinds down nicely to my usual coarse for French press, and always leaves a good caramel crema. Recently tried grinding some down extra fine for espresso, and it pulls a tasty cup. | Amazon offers a better price than my local grocery stores. Add in the convenience of home shipping, AND prime and subscription options (which also means an even BETTER price), and it makes this a pretty good value for some really nice beans. | . . . . you really can’t go wrong with this coffee. Unless you only like Tim’s, and you don’t actually like coffee, just warm sugary milk water. This will probably be too much flavour. But I doubt if you’re reading this, you are of the Tim’s-for-life crowd. Oh, and Ethical Bean is (still) a Canadian company. | Beans are always fresh, in the two years or whatever I have ordered these on the subscribe option (I don’t remember because I’m just so lazy now I expect a box of coffee beans every month), I have always only had bags of fresh coffee beans delivered every month. Ethical bean stamps the expiration dates on their packages of coffee beans. | Great every-day coffee for people who like a full, rich, and perfectly refined balance of cocoa and acid. | Highly recommending as a great value, quality coffee bean.