Amazon has the 3 pack Eero on sale again for 244.00. That was the same price as Amazon prime days. Good for those who missed it (like me). I also bought 300 in Amazon GC at UGO to further reduce the price.

Amazon product: Introducing Amazon eero mesh wifi system – router for whole-home coverage (3-pack)
Customer Reviews:
Bought this to replace my a TELUS Boost which was horrible. Had the three eero’s up and running in 15 minutes. | My three floor townhouse is brand new so it’s pre-wired. I installed an eero on each floor with wired backhaul. Bought a switch and wired the two upstairs eero’s from the gateway eero on the 1st floor. | These automatically detect wireless or wired backhaul which is great. They all update automatically through the app. The app interface is clean and well thought out. | I am getting download speeds of 300mbps in all areas of my house. I previously had no coverage on the 3rd floor and spotty slow coverage on the 2nd floor. | These look great, are easy to set up and work well. Highly recommend. | If your TV is run through your internet make sure you connect your TV box upstream of your gateway eero, directly to your modem. Also turn off the wifi on your service providers modem to reduce interference and stop any potential connection issues. | I’ll be trying to set up my Sonos on the eero network shortly. | UPDATE: I got my Sonos up and running on the eero network with no issues. I was unable to get Sonos set up on TELUS boost despite messing around for a week.