Found this on Amazon, it is cheaper than most otoscope on, but with decent reviews.

There are two version:
Black ($33.87): … 667&sr=8-7

Blue ($27.50): … ems&sr=1-1

Getting the blue one for my kids, as they always fear when I clean their ears. Hopefully this will make the process easier.

Amazon product: Ear Camera,3.0 Upgraded 1080P FHD Waterproof Wireless Ear Scope,Ear Otoscope Camera with 250 mAh Capacity,Temperature Control,Compatible with Android iOS Smartphone and Tablet
Customer Reviews:
This is an honest review of this product. | First let’s start with the packaging. The item came in a very nice sleek black box. Inside there are 2 trays top tray houses the camera unit and the attachments and the bottom tray holds the charging cable and theses feather brushes all under a protective clear cover. Construction: | construction of the camera unit is very solidly made. The whole casing is made of metal. Light weight and easy to hold. The design is very nice and classy. The camera is protected by the cap. You wouldn’t even think this was a ear camera. | Attachment: | It comes with 12 attachments. 5 different scoop head, 1 spoon scraper , 2 different straight scrapers and 4 sponge scrapers. Each head has a different type of use. Each attachment screws on the top of the camera. Very easy to attach and stays on very securely. | Accessories: | 4 feather brushes, micro USB charging cable, a protective cover. | Instructions: | Very easy to read. Very simple. All in english and straight forward and with diagrams. | Ok now the pairing and the use. | So the pairing is very simple. Just download the app. Open the app and it will prompt you to turn on the unit. Then it uses a wifi connection the you need to search for the “bebird” wifi signal. Once you are connected you just open the camera and you connected. It’s very smooth and no lag. The light in the tip of the camera is bright. Using the camera with the attachments in your ear does take some practice but the functionality of the camera and heads is very good. Make sure to move very slow and small movements and that camera is magnified so a little movement is a big one on screen. | App: | The app is very easy to use. You can use it to control the camera to take a picture or video. You can adjust the picture to mirror or flip. It also tells you how much battery percentage and duration time of the camera. | In the end I do recommend this product to other as I has tried the other brands and they don’t have half as much accessories as this does. The functionality of this is easy to use and with practice you can get used to it.