Cheapest I’ve seen it as it was $110+ earlier this week.

Amazon product: Dura Vac AA255 Armor All 10-Litre 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet Dry Vaccum Cleaner, Red/Grey
Customer Reviews:
I did not get paid or receive anything for my review. I personally purchased and paid for this item on line from ( Verified Purchase ). | The “ Armor All “ Dura Vac AA255 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet and Dry Vac is very light at 7 lbs. 7.3 oz with all the attachments and the hose inside it, and it has a flat bottom and will not tip over very easily. The hose is just plastic but long enough to reach any area inside any vehicle. The unit is the correct size and shape for both carrying or for placing it inside on the car floor to vacuum. The dimensions are 14 inches tall to the top of the handle and 14 inches wide – front hole to back hole – and 10 inches thick. The on and off switch is a solid rocking style switch with a very audible click and the suction is ” unbelievably super strong ” for only a 2 HP vacuum. | The noise is sufficient but still less than any household canister vac that I have ever used or owned. It comes with a small piece of velcro attached to the 2 prong power cord to keep the power cord neatly secured either around or through the handle. There are 4 slots on the outside at the top back of the canister to store the 4 solid and well made attachments in an upright position. There are plastic areas on both sides to snap in and secure the hose but I find it quicker and much simpler to simply store the hose inside the unit. The unit is very easy to clean and dry after every use. | The colours are a really nice orange and black with “ ArmorAll Utility Vac “ decals on top and both sides of the canister. At the very modest price I paid for the unit ( under $50. ) I’m pleased to inform everyone that the “ Armor All “ Dura Vac AA255 10-Litre / 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet and Dry Vacuum is 100% worth every penny and does live up to the reviews it has accumulated. For those that are intending to use this little “super vac” on a daily basis for everything in your household you can buy a 3 Pack of blue cloth filters available at for less than $10.00 | I strongly recommend this product and I hope you enjoyed my review and it was helpful.