I know I probably shouldn’t post this, as people think these posts are shill posts… This is not, I do own these, I have not been approached to post this, in fact when I bought this set of earbuds at the beginning of January, they were $48.99, with $4 off coupon, now it’s a $20 coupon.
These sound great, fit great, charge well etc. I only found this deal, as I was making a comment on another post for overpriced JBL ones and when I went to share a purchase I had made, saw the coupon deal. … UTF8&psc=1
$48.99 with $20 coupon, I believe there is no tax. There wasn’t when I bought them.

I like them, the fit my ears well, look like an airpod pro knockoff (look like, I am not saying they are as good as or not, I don’t have airpods, not my thing). They are not my daily users, I still prefer my Jabra Elite 65T active. But cheap investment at $29

Amazon product: Dudios Wireless Earbuds M3 in-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Deep Bass Immersive Music True Wireless Earphones 25 Hrs USB-C Charging Case IPX7 Waterproof Sport Earphones Built-in Mic for Clear Call Bluetooth Headsets for Sports/Work Out
Customer Reviews:
If you’re looking for an affordable wireless white earphones, these are a great option. These look kind of similar to the new AirPods if you like that type of look/style. Here’s a list of the pro’s and cons: | Pros: | – Affordable | – They’re noise isolating. Haven’t tried them in a too noisy setting but they work great with music on. | – These earphones have great controls on them – volume, track control (skip/previous), call options, voice assistant | – Several different earphone tip sizes to ensure you get the right fit | – Great battery life and the case itself has a light indicating battery life levels for it. Easy way of knowing when to charge it | – Lightweight and stays in your ears especially during workouts (make sure you use the right ear tips) | Cons: | – The sound quality is fine however, they seem to be more open. It is definitely not a balanced sound and some people may not enjoy that. It’s all preference though. Not exactly a negative thing. | Wires are out, wireless is in. Grab yourself a pair if you’re looking for a stylish white pair of wireless earphones!