Camelcamel shows this as an all time low. Last one was at $302. Comes with a 5ah battery, rapid charger and bag too. Pretty decent deal.

Amazon product: DEWALT DCS570P1 7-1/4″ (184mm) 20V Cordless Circular Saw with Brake Kit
Customer Reviews:
I have 3 major fencing projects in the backyard this summer. I tried two other cordless saws, borrowed from friends and one I rented for a day. A co-worker showed me this on Amazon and said he ordered one a month ago and it was a great buy and a great saw. Then he went on holiday so I didn’t get to try it until I ordered and received my own. I charged the battery as instructed and the following day I took it into the back yard and started. I had 15 6×6 inch by18 footers to cut into 9 foot lengths. This thing cut through them like butter. It was a smooth,clean edged cut and no burn marks. Each beam required 2 full cuts and the wood was a little damp……30 cuts. Next I had 60 pressure treated 2×4’s, 12 foot that had to be trimmed to 10 feet…….60 cuts + 30. Next there were 15, 12 foot 2×4’s that had to be cut into 4 foot lengths…….45 cuts + 60 + 30. Total of 135 cuts in damp wood on the first charge and every cut was like a hot knife through butter. No drag, no catching or twisting, just smooth straight cuts that needed no dressing or clean up. The weight and handling of this saw was easy and I had no aches or pains from cutting the whole afternoon. It was just set up the boards and start cutting. Great saw and I can see why my friend recommended it. Easy to use, very easy to handle and no cord to worry about. I ended the day and it was still cutting. Checked the charge and still had 1 green bar showing. That’s a good charge life. Worth every penny.