[Amazon.ca] DEWALT 30-Piece Flex Torq Drill Bit Set (DWA2T30C) – $19.99

//[Amazon.ca] DEWALT 30-Piece Flex Torq Drill Bit Set (DWA2T30C) – $19.99

[Amazon.ca] DEWALT 30-Piece Flex Torq Drill Bit Set (DWA2T30C) – $19.99

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Amazon is sold out, but Lowes has a similar set (Thanks @atyy0132)
https://www.lowes.ca/product/impact-dri … set-648509
Just be aware, it’s not exactly the same set. The Lowes one has the older case, which is harder to take the bits in and out.
Oh, and the bits look like they’re the last generation as they don’t have the yellow markings on them like the amazon link has.

I have this exact set that I paid $40 for at Home Depot, saw it on Amazon today for $20. I will go to home depot to get a price adjustments for sure!

This is a great deal. I LOVE this set because I need sockets sometimes and it comes with the set, so I don’t need to bring out my 200 pcs socket set for basic needs.

The drill bits are great and they are high quality. Nothing beats having a good complete set to do DIY projects and it’s great that it comes in a nice small durable case. They’re impact gun ready, so it’s easy in and out, plus it’s great to have all the bits in a neat and tidy place to grab and go quickly.

I would totally recommend this set, especially at this price!

edit: Oh for the DIY noobs, the smaller bits do not go directly into the drill by themselves…. you have to attach them to the included bit holder… It took me wayyyyyy too long to figure that out. haha

Amazon product: DEWALT 30-Piece Flex Torq Set (DWA2T30C)
Customer Reviews:
It has almost everything you would need for normal household work. I was able to fix a lot of thing at home using the set.


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