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Bought myself a Griddler at full price and it was worth every penny.
That being said, I’d much rather have purchased it for half off.
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Amazon product: Cuisinart CGR-4NC 5-in-1 Griddler
Customer Reviews:
We had the original griddler for at least 10 yrs. It served us well and we used it mostly during late fall and over the winter when BBQing wasn’t an option. | When I saw the the new griddler I immediately saw that they had changed some of the features that I didn’t like on the original. | 1. The plates are now reversible from grill to flat so you don’t have to store the extra set of plates. | 2. The grease catching system is now enclosed rather than positioning 2 cups near the edges to catch the drips, which was awkward as if they weren’t positioned perfectly the grease ended up on the counter and they tipped easily if you accidentally hit them. I used to just place some paper towel on the counter at each corner to catch any drips. | 3. the space between the grills is wider allowing for easier clean up and the coating seems better than before. | We use it often, mostly as a grill and panini press but occasionally the flat side for pancakes. | All in all it is a great product and am looking forward to using it for at least another 10 years.