I set a price alert on this because I was looking for a fast external SSD for the wife. I bought the Samsung T7 1TB last week for $229.99 so this seems good in comparison. Too lazy to return though as she started using it already

Amazon product: Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD – Up to 1050MB/s – USB 3.2 – External Solid State Drive, USB-C, USB-A – CT1000X8SSD9
Customer Reviews:
Super fast, tiny, lightweight, durable and FAST! | I got speeds of 850-900mb/s read and write and the applications I loaded on the drive open and preform much faster than before. This drive is physically outperforming another OWC SSD drive I have that reads 1250mb/s but isn’t as fast with actual load times and transfers like this guy. | Be warned this drive does get very hot when under heavy loads, and that does worry me. Otherwise this drive is a must buy! | Edit: I had ordered some thunderbolt 3 ssd’s to find a faster hard drive but because my old Mac mini has to use apple adapters and a thunderbolt 3 dock to be able to convert its thunderbolt 2 port to 3. That was causing the thunderbolt drives to run at a slower rate. Long story short this guy continued to out perform the handicapped thunderbolt drives or at least match them for half the price. 6/5 stars