Once again $39.98 (last time was in August amazon-ca-case-cougar-mx330-x-pc-gaming … l-2395652/

Specs: See MX330-X section

PM CC: … _id=114192 $54.99


Linustechtips (Member Review) … er-review/

Looks – 4/5 stars

Pro’s – Clean, crisp design (my feels). Basement for easy cable management. Two tone’s of black. As expected.

Con’s – Why I knocked a star, there are 4 punch-out-able (two on front, two on side of front bezel) plastic pieces with their area marked (USB and Fan 1 Fan 2 spots) in raised plastic but no functionality. Must be a mold used across multiple levels of this case. I picked the -X variant on purpose for the side intake, which we will get to later.

Functionality for my purpose – 3/5 stars

Pro’s – Great cable management (and basement), no grommets on holes as expected at this price point however ($42 shipped at the time) so not disappointed. Can mount a 240mm radiator top, just wouldn’t be able to use an ODD but why lol.

Con’s – Cant use 200mm side intake if using rear exhaust fan/radiator combo. No hole pattern for 140mm side intake but got 3/4 screws to hold one in nicely was really buying this case to use with a 200mm but oh well that’s why this is labeled “for my purpose”.

Overall functionality – 5/5 stars

Pro’s – fantastic case at this price point. GREAT airflow. Decent room to work in. Basement for PSU, HDD’s, SSD’s, extra cables if not fully modular PSU. Really like this case at this price-point.

Con’s – Nothing at this price-point.

Overall experience – 4.5/5 stars

Pro’s – Great cable management, ensure to route everything before bolting down the PSU/mobo. SSD/HDD hide-aways create a clean look. Can take a 240mm radiator at top, just wouldn’t be able to use the ODD, who does though? Front radiator can be in push pull if you have longer than normal screws due to the way the front bezel area is built. Overall would buy again.

Con’s – Cant use 200mm side intake as purchased for. Rear exhaust radiator in the way. I knock the halfstar off for this, the semi sticky power button, the knock-out for other USB and fan controls present on front bezel (was pictured as such so cant technically complain!). This case is a nice case to work in, and small for an ATX with this many options in my experience (was looking for something similar to the Cooler Master HAF XM, I am very happy with this purchase)

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Amazon product: Cougar MX330-X PC Gaming Case – Mid Tower
Customer Reviews:
Wow, I’ve been in IT for 20+ years and I’ve never seen such a functional computer case for under $100. This case design is great! The glass side is nice if you’re into decorative LEDs and cable management lol. My only wish is that this came with 2-3inch plastic feet extensions. The room where this computer will reside has thick carpeting and the powersupply in this case faces down so it will not get as much ventilation as it would over a hard surface. I will likely 3D print some feet for this case, otherwise its perfect. The 1″ of space behind the motherboard for cable management is fantastic.