Yup. You read that right. 28 packs with 10 wipes each for $1.29. That’s what the description says,
Contains 28 resealable packs, 10 wipes per pack = 280 wipes total
The image, however, says the pack has 14 wipes. The title is all over the place stating 28 packs, 10 per pack and then 14 count.

I ordered these last night, I don’t know what’ll turn up, a single pack or 28 packs.
If it’s the former, I’m getting a refund. If it’s the latter, I’ll have no words.

Win-win, the way I see it.

EDIT: I was just reminded to remind everyone not to flush these damn things because they’re truly not flushable.

(Before someone comes along and says this is impossible, I’d like to remind you that a bunch of us bought Sony XM3’s from Amazon for $40 bucks as well as 6-pack of Aussie Shampoo for $2. So we’ve all seen weirder sales.)

Scraped Amazon product info fail