Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset – $39.99
Reg price: $59.99 – Savings of $20. Great reviews on Amazon (for what it’s worth). … ics&sr=1-7
Camel3x shows the all time low price of $38.99 in Dec 2019.

– 3.5mm jack so it works with most if not all devices. (PC, Playstation/Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc)
– Detachable microphone
– Memory foam ear cups
– Low profile design, doesn’t have some of the crazier designs lol.

Good for those on a budget or want something bang for your buck, great for kids.

Amazon product: Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset
Customer Reviews:
The only area it really falls down in design-wise is in how it handles microphone placement. You see, rather than act on a swivel which can be flicked up or down depending on if you need it, the thing is detachable. As such, it must be inserted into the left earcup any time you want to hop on party chat, unless you always opt to always keep it in. It connects well enough and features a flexible arm, but I’d have much preferred it being built into the unit, rather than coming as an added piece always at risk of being lost. Still, it’s not a deal-breaker. | overall, if you’re looking for an affordable over-ear gaming headset that provides decent sound, apt comfort, with just a splash of elegant style thrown in then you can’t get much better than the Corsair HS35. It’s a budget headset disguised as a more premium product, still managing to focus on the areas of audio that matter. This should suffice so long as you can live without any special extras like the ability to toggle the sound mix between in-game and party chat audio. Outside of this, its memory foam headband and ear-cups add a nice finish to a very solid headset!