Campbell’s Condensed Soups on sale, 2 types. Max quantity 6.

Campbell’s Condensed Vegetable Soup, 284ml … 212&sr=8-2

Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup, 284ml … 212&sr=8-1

Amazon product: Campbell’s Condensed Vegetable Soup, 284ml
Customer Reviews:
This may be the greatest soup ever made. There have been many occasions where I have devoured an entire can of this red deliciousness coupled with some slightly melted cheddar cheese and a half sleeve of soda crackers. It is educational as well and great for the kiddos. You’d be remiss to pick not have a few cans of this soup in your pantry for last minute, delicious, sodium filled goodness. Perfect for slack parenting nights, hangovers, or as a quick slightly healthier alternative to fast food. I’m pretty sure this stuff helped me grow to be six foot two and it easily ranks in my top five for meals all time. | Plus the amazon price was right there with The local big box stores. I don’t know how Amazon made money sendthing a few cans to my house. The internet is amazing and so is this soup. | A+