Amazon product: Camp Chef Everest High-Output 2-Burner Stove
Customer Reviews:
Have used Coleman stove in the past. Good stoves. But this stove is even better. Much better. Four things I like most about this stove. 1. It is hot! Very hot! I think all the other stoves are 10,000 BTU per burner. Some even claim 20,000 BTU, but that is the combined heat, which is kind of misleading. This stove is 20,000 BTU per burner, which for me is a big deal as I make lots of coffee and when you need to boil a large pot of water for dishes it boils fast, very fast. The temp control is excellent too. 2. Very large cooking area. This is great when you have a large pot and pan or large flat griddle. 3. Auto start. It works flawlessly. Just turn on the gas and press and you have instant flame. No clicking and clicking. Stoves without this feature are a pain as you are looking for a long lighter. Hard to believe most stoves in this price range do not even have auto start. 4. Very sturdy and thick stainless steel rack. Thicker than the rest. Good quality. BTW. I also purchased the the carry bag on Amazon. Fits perfect and has room for a one-pound propane cylinder at each end of the bag. I think the price is a bit high! I highly recommend this stove and the carry bag. Camp Chef Carry Bag for Mountain Series Stoves