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Amazon product: Echo Show (2nd Gen) – Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1” HD screen – Charcoal
Customer Reviews:
(2nd UPDATE) We are seeing growth in the Amazon Alexa devices, unlike the regression we are seeing in Google Home. Some skills now continue to work when you switch back to the Canadian store even though their options may disappear. Also Amazon has added the ability to add a timed delay in the routines sections. Some of these may have been along time coming but atleast they are here now. Also in Amazons defense they do not program the skills they just approve them in their store, it is up to the skill designer to choose which stores they want their skill available in. I can confirm this as I have submitted my own skill to the store, an Odd or Evens game, and I was given the option to select country availability. | (UPDATED) You are able to switch over to the Amazon US Skill Store in the content and device settings on the Amazon Account page (Not in the Alexa app) and install any skills from the US Store BUT when you switch back to Canadian they stop responding, VICE VERSA my Canadian News Skills don’t work when leaving the device in the US Store…WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!! #OneEnglishSkillStore! Increased rating from 2 stars to 3 cause at least they let you try. | —————————————————————————————————————————————– | This is my 3rd Amazon device and probably my last. | I have been automating my entire household and I am completely and utterly disappointed with the lack of support/skills for the Canadian market. While this is not entirely Amazons fault as skill developers get to choose which countries the skills are available in, and I have developed my own skills for the market so I can confirm this is true, however the fact that Amazon distinguishes an app skill store to be different between Canada and the USA is beyond stupid. | Top Skills that do not work in Canada/features locked out for no smart reason: | • Jeopardy (Skill available in US) | • Nvidia Shield TV (Skill available in US) | • Tile/SmartKeys (Skill available in US) | • Amazon Prime Video (Hard to access and very limited in Canada the US users have more functionality) | • Ring doorbell (Alexa Chime option is available in US) | • Ring doorbell (Two way communication, the Show has a microphone for two way communication between Show devices) | • Amazon Show camera can NOT be accessed via the Alexa app as a security/pet/baby monitor | • No Ability to add a timed pause between actions in a routine (Restart device X , pause for 30 seconds, adjust setting Y once device is restarted) | And I am sure there will be many more simplistic features that will disappoint me in days to come. The fact that Amazon owns Ring doorbell makes it even more disappointing that the two are not more compatible. | Plus items: | • Speaker quality has improved | That is about it.