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Botvac Neato D4 is on sale at $349.99. This is probably the cheapest Lidar robo vac on the market and I’d say it’s comparable to the Roomba 960 (Roomba does not have Lidar). This seems a lot more reliable than the Shark.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on robo vacs recently. If you’re looking for one now, I think this is the best value today if you prioritize a seamless experience:

Pros of this Lidar bot vac compared to robots with top camera:
  • Can run in the dark (does not require lights)
  • Maps very quickly (likely in 1-2 runs)
  • Supports virtual boundaries in the app
  • Most logical & efficient cleaning path

Amazon product: Botvac D4 Connect Blk
Customer Reviews:
Very pleased with the d4 which is replacing my older d80. Suction power is great and the robot seems to navigate around the basement easily. It goes around my poker table and chairs very well, around my couch and table. It completely covered my basement in about 40 min (600 sqft) which consists of office, bathroom, bar (hardwood) and sitting area. Did not get stuck on anything and found it’s way back home without any issue. | The setup was easy and it connected immediately to wifi. The app was simple to use and it mapped the basement in one go. | Overall very pleased. | Edit: The D4 also has the same suction power as the D6 and D7. It does not have multi floor mapping so it will remap (or have to remap) if it is moved around.