In case someone’s looking for a shaker bottle.
I have one of these and have had no issues with it.

Price: $9.97, add-on

Amazon product: BlenderBottle Pro Series Shaker Bottle, 28-Ounce, Black
Customer Reviews:
I have tested these out: | 1x 26oz insulated radian, 1x 28oz black classic, 2x 28oz PRO. | My choice: PRO series. | Second up: classic series | Reasoning: the plastic variants of these bottles are made so well you can’t go wrong with them. They don’t leak, they feel durable (especially PRO series), they have logical features like a handle with the spout pointed on the edge so you don’t need to put your head back to get last drops (criticism of the radian series; although the twist cap is prettier to look at). | The 28oz PRO series is actually 32oz to the top of the spout guard. I tested this out with a measuring cup, it is approximately a bit more than 28oz for the cup itself but when you add the lid, you can fill it to 32oz(+) (150ml of water). | The lid on the PRO is a bit tougher to open than the classic. I actually prefer the lids on the classic to the PRO. Although the PRO is more aesthetic. | Either way you can’t go wrong with these bottles but the insulated ones have their downfalls so if you don’t absolutely need the insulation I would recommend to go with the pop cap vs the twist.