Maybe not the hottest deal right now with the lack of travel going on, but the ink blue version of the Transit Backpack from Bellroy is 60 dollars cheaper than the other colorways.

This is a fairly well rated and reviewed travel backpack and makes for a really good size for one bag travel. Looks like it’s been this price for a few months at least.

This bag is generally listed at 239USD, so CAD pricing would work out to be about $180USD. Looks like a pretty good deal.

Amazon product: Bellroy Transit Backpack (Carry-on Travel Backpack, 28 Liter Capacity, Water-Resistant, 15″ Laptop Compartment) – Ink Blue
Customer Reviews:
I took this backpack on its first international trip-went to a developing country and traveled a fair bit within. Its status as an allowable carry-on is non-controversial. The bag easily fit 4 days worth of clothes, a small day bag, toiletries, and another small pouch for plugs/converters and wires.The small pouch at the top near the handle is great for instantly accessing hand sanitizer, tylenol, and gravol. There were so many zipped compartments that I often forgot what I put where, so it will take another trip or two for my new packing system with this bag to mature. To me the biggest attraction is being able to secure clothes with the straps inside the large compartment-I don’t think any other backpack offers that.