Just got an email about some amazon offers and this Aukey Dash cam seemed like a good price.

I want to hear more from some experienced dash cam enthusiasts or even just regular owners on this model and if it’s a good purchase?

Amazon product: AUKEY 4K Dash Cam 2880 x 2160P Car Camera with Supercapacitor and 6-Lane Lens Dash Camera for Cars with HDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Motion Detection and 2-Port USB Car Charger
Customer Reviews:
Hey everyone, | Thought I would document the entire process from packaging to installation. | The item came well – wrapped, and in a small box. | Opening it up revealed the camera – which is small and very light-weight. | It came with the following items: | 1) camera | 2) power cable | 3) cable connector (which has 2 USB ports – so 1 for the camera, and the other one for whatever you want..) | 4) 6 x 3M wire holders (these hold the wire in place along the windscreen) | 5) 2 x camera mounts (for your windscreen – the camera basically attaches to that mount – which would be stuck to the windscreen) | 6) 2 extra 3 M stickers for the mounts – in case you remove the mount to move it, etc (these 2 stickers are in ADDITION to the one affixed to one of the mounts) | Installation: | I put mine just below the rear-view mirror. I didn’t wanna put it too high (see picture attached). | Wiring was simple in my Dodge Caravan. I slid it between the windscreen and roof panel – no wire holders needed. Slid it between the panels, down the door trim, under the glovebox, and connected it to the ignition connector – this means it will turn on with my ignition and NOT drain my battery. | I bought a new MicroSD card. Please note that you NEED to format it when it’s in the camera – or else it won’t start recording. | You can format it by clicking “format” in the settings menu on the camera. | The quality is great. I bought a large SD card so am running it at the highest quality. Might as well be safe and ensure that the details (in case of an accident) are crystal clear. | So I’ve had it for literally a few days, hence will do a follow up in a month or two to give everyone an update. | Long story short, great item, super lightweight, and worth the higher cost (4K instead of a 720p).