A warm price. Possibly cheaper if you can wait for Prime Day
I have this lock, 2nd gen and the pro. Definately need the wifi plug but you can wait for a sale or find the wifi plug somewhere else.
If you plan to buy the wifi plug on Amazon now. The August pro silver is a better deal at $199 with the connect. … 918&sr=8-1

Amazon product: August Home AUG-SL04-M01-S04 Smart Lock, Silver, Pack of 1
Customer Reviews:
This is a fantastic lock especially if you live in an apartment with strict strata laws. The lock looks normal on the outside because the smart lock is installed on the inside. Because of this, you can still use your regular keys to open the door, especially when/if the lock runs out of battery. Everything is installed and optimized through your smartphone and is unlocked/locked via Bluetooth connection. It comes with door sensors so it can automatically sense when your door is locked, meaning that you can walk away from your door without any worries. At most, it will take you roughly 15-20 minutes to install. | Within the app, you can invite family and friends to have either guest or owner privileges to your lock which eliminates the need to cut keys for them. You can also track who opened your door and how (manually or wirelessly) and at what time. This lock gives you so much control for your home and it’s the best investment that I’ve made in the past 5 years. | They do need to make some improvements to the application itself since it can be quite slow in connectivity, but you can’t really expect much from Bluetooth connections. | Highly, highly recommended!