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Highly rated ice pack and a recommended brand from Cook’s illustrated. Good for keeping frozen food frozen. Sale is only on the 5 pound ice pack. Lowest price so far according to CCC.

Amazon product: Arctic Ice Tundra Series Reusable Cooler Pack, 5-Pound
Customer Reviews:
I have the 5lb, 2.5lb and the .75lb. They aren’t cheap price wise but they freeze down colder than anything else I have ever tried. Using them in my Yeti cooler and prechilling with dry ice they lasted for 5 days and I had to break the ice off of the Arctic Ice at the end of the weekend. The side with the Artic ice was still frozen but my other side of the cooler had melted. When using the .75lb in our soft sided Yeti we have to put cardboard between the packs and some goods to keep them from freezing. Picture is of ice on day 3. This is more ice retention than when I used dry ice (solid co2) to super chill my cooler full of ice. Some reviews are complaining of poor results. When I use the artic ice in a cooler bag they don’t work as well as when in full contact with ice for long duration. So poor results are due to poor execution not due to poor performance of the ice pack.