Airpods Pro with Charging case – this is the lowest price I’ve seen lately, and I’m sure it’s the lowest they’ve been on

$329 normally through Apple and other retailers.

Amazon product: Apple AirPods Pro
Customer Reviews:
First of all, I purchased this directly from Amazon. Look out for “Shipped & Sold by Amazon” – and you are guaranteed to receive a legitimate product. Other reviewers who are claiming that the product is counterfeit are probably purchasing from third party sellers. | Let’s get to the review. | I am someone who does not enjoy the “in-ear” style earbuds. The ones with rubber tips that you jam into your ear canals. They are usually uncomfortable and give me headaches. For this reason, I have stuck with the traditional EarPods and AirPods design. | Taking the jump to purchase AirPods Pro wasn’t easy. It goes against all my beliefs and preferences for earphones. However, I must applaud Apple – because this is now my main listening device (previously an AirPods 2nd gen user). I learned that in-ear style buds cause me pain because of the build-up of pressure in the ear canal. The AirPods Pro have vents that regulate the pressure inside your ear, making it feel almost like the regular AirPods – invisible. If anything, I can wear these for hours until the battery dies, whereas the regular AirPods hurt after maybe an hour or so. | Transparency mode and noise cancellation mode are easily switchable by holding the AirPods stem. I usually keep mine on Transparency mode, but it is nice to switch to noise cancellation mode for when my environment is too loud. FYI, the AirPods Pro come with different ear tips, so you will likely find one that will create the most optimal seal in your ear canal. | As of writing this review, I purchased this on sale under $300 CAD. The fact that Apple makes their products work so well with each other is another reason that this is a good buy. If you have an iPhone/iPad, AppleTV, or MacBook, you can switch between devices so seamlessly – without re-pairing the AirPods each time. That is to say, my wife has used this with her Windows laptop and has no issues. | Overall, I am glad I took the chance on these. Hoping to use this for many years to come.